About Tryon

TRYON, N.C. (WSPA) – In the foothills of North Carolina, rests the small town of Tryon with a population less than 2,000 people.

It’s home to countless outdoor adventures, fine arts, and equestrian activities.

“It’s an incredibly small-town feel. It’s warm, it’s charming. The hospitality is amazing and it’s a very equestrian-based community,” said Angie Millon, president of the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club.

Millon has lived in Tryon for 25 years and told 7NEWS horses have been a part of the community every step of the way.

“When we moved here, I started riding in Tryon because there is such a huge concentration of horse sport here and just fell in love with it,” she said. “My kids started riding here, and it’s just been a huge part of our lives.”  

Now, Millon plays a key role in the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club, which has been a staple in the town since 1925.

“We’ve been a part of this community as it’s grown decades now, and we put on several signature events each year historically,” said Millon. “Those events have been staples of the community for years and years.” 

The Tryon International Equestrian Center, located a short distance away in Mill Spring, hosts community events year-round. The center works in collaboration with the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club. It hosts riders and their horses from around the world, plus locals like Kelly Kocher.

“It definitely is one of the best if not the best in North America. To have it in your back yard is just incredible,” said Kelly Kocher, Tryon resident and horse trainer.

He said the equestrian industry helped build the town of Tryon as we know it.

“Not just history of the horse, but the history of a lot of the employment relays through horse farms,” said Kocher. “Tryon had some textiles, but not a lot. If you were a carpenter, or you did whatever, you worked for a horse farm. You built the stalls in the barn. It really was the industry in the community.” 

While the equestrian industry is not the only one found in the quaint Western North Carolina town, it sure does play a large role in the lives of many residents.

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