The Upstate and Western North Carolina was battered by storms all weekend long.

Some parts even saw a tornado touch down according to the National Weather Service.

7News spoke with people in a community in Ellenboro community who were home at the time of the tornado. 

They told us their experience during the weather event.

The wind was different from just a storm because everything changed and everything got very violently very quickly,” Michael Cournoyer said.

Michael Cournoyer was sitting on his front porch when he says he saw a tornado coming toward his neighborhood.

This isn’t the first tornado he’s experienced. 

When it’s safe he says he sits outside and watches.

The EF-0 tornado that touched down Saturday was not one of those times.

“It started going down the road and all the trees started blowing and all my bushes started leaning over,” Cournoyer said.

Cournoyer says he went inside when the trees started to snap and the lights went out.

The National Weather Service confirmed the brief tornado Monday morning.

They were able to do so using drone footage.

“It showed one location with trees down in a pattern suggesting a circulation at that location. it had what we call convergent tree falls…they all fall toward the same location,” Bill Martin said. 

NWS says drone footage is helpful because it can be taken quickly after a tornado.

Properties on Webb Road are doing what they can to clean up.

Cournoyer says he feels lucky no one got hurt. 

“Yeah I’m very glad it didn’t do nothing because the last tornado we had was behind my house so I’m glad it didn’t do nothing this time either,” Cournoyer said.