WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Warren woman was arrested after police said she pulled a DVD cord with enough force to cause a TV to fall on two toddlers.

On Monday, officers were called to a Warren apartment on Maryland St. to check out a disturbance called in by Tywana Martin.

After officers arrived, they said A’Yania Martin, 24, was throwing belongings next to the front door, stating she seemed highly agitated.

Police said the situation worsened as officers talked to A’Yania Martin.

The report states that the two of them began arguing about the cleanliness of the home before the fight escalated.

Police said A’Yania Martin began moving items around the home, pulling a DVD player from the TV.

The force knocked the TV on top of a one and three year old.

The children were reported to have some injuries and A’Yania Martin seemed to show no remorse and continued to yell at officers, according to the report.

She was arrested and taken to the Trumbull County Jail on domestic violence and two counts of child endangerment charges.

Officers noted that there were holes and dents in the walls left by A’Yania Martin while she was packing her belongings.

During the investigation, police also arrested the mother of the children, Anna Thomas, 22, on a warrant for trafficking. She was also taken to the jail.