FLETCHER, N.C. (WSPA) – A final push for U.S. Senate in North Carolina as polls show a tight race between incumbent Senator Thom Tillis and Democratic candidate, Cal Cunningham.

A confidant U.S. Senator Thom Tillis just days away from a big election.

“Promises made, promises kept, that’s what we’ve done with Republicans in congress and that’s what we’ve done with Donald Trump,” said U.S. Senator, Thom Tillis.

The Tillis campaign has been drawing attention and support from some high-ranking Republicans, including U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. He made a stop in Fletcher, North Carolina Wednesday evening rallying for Tillis.

“People of North Carolina need to send Thom Tillis back to the United States Senate,” said U.S. Senator, Ted Cruz.

Both addressed a packed room, full of supporters like Stephanie Price and fellow republicans.

“I think it’s very exciting, I think he gave an amazing speech,” said North Carolina Voter, Stephanie Price.

Senator Tillis jumped to what he has done at previous rallies, criticizing his opponent Cal Cunningham along with other Democrats.

“We got people in Asheville and other cities that want to defund the police,” Tillis said.

Both he and Senator Cruz urged supporters to get out and vote, reminding North Carolinians the power the state holds.

“North Carolina has the fight of the country in your hands,” Cruz said.

We also reached out to Cunningham’s office to see about his schedule of events leading up to November 3rd, 7 News has yet to hear back but will bring you that information as soon as it becomes available.