GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Unity Park is officially open in Greenville.

A countdown to the future and one Greenville’s Mayor Knox White has been waiting to do for a very long time.

“In 1939, the leader of the neighborhood, E.B. Holloway, went back to city hall. In 1939, a commitment was made to this community to build a park for the African American community here,” said Greenville Mayor, Knox White.

What once was a place of division, Angela Montgomery who grew up in this area says, it’s now anything but.

“In the past, it was just us the minorities but as far as unity now, I’m glad to see all of us coming together,” Angela Montgomery told 7NEWS.

“We just played, all of us the black kids down here, just played and a had a good time,” said Tito Dendy.

Tito Dendy was raised on this side of town and now works for the city said in his eyes, this is a huge milestone.

“Not only working for the city of Greenville but seeing this in the city I grew up in, it’s amazing,” Tito Dendy explained.

A handful of people aren’t so happy about the park though. They believe the millions of dollars in funds used to create it, could have gone elsewhere.

“It’s blasphemous of the history and memory of the 1939 black community of this area to try and use it as justification for depriving homeless people of a place to live,” said Efia Nwangaza with the Greenville Grassroots Human Rights Coalition.

City council member Lillian Brock Flemming had some words to say about that.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t understand why some of you are upset, bless your heart. You will get over it because the park is here,” said Greenville City Councilwoman, Lillian Brock Flemming.

Brock Flemming has been waiting for this day to come and it’s finally here.