GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) — Firearms stores across the Upstate report they are short on ammunition and many guns, blaming the deficit on more demand- not a decrease in supply.

Hunters Headquarters Manager Jacob Harris attributes the surge in sales to first-time gun buyers, which made up an estimated 60 percent of sales over the past six months.

“Sometimes during election years and other sorts of crisis, it seems to drive new buyers because they feel unsafe and the best way for them to feel safe is to protect themselves with a firearm,” Harris said. “A lot of people flock to firearms when they start to be less comfortable in their homes.”

Although his store still has ammunition and most models of firearms, staff is limiting the number of boxes of ammo per day per customer.

“I’m here buying some target rounds for a .40 caliber,” said first-time gun owner William Thompson. “It’s about the only place, closest within 30, 40 miles that you can get them.”

Although there is a current shortage at many big box stores, staff at Hunters Headquarters feels confident supplies will be able to support hunters this fall. However, Harris predicts gun sales to remain high through the rest of 2020.