GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Everything is set and ready for the winter storm.

Roads have been salted and prepped.

Some drivers, like Lindsay Anderson, are choosing to stay in.

“I don’t really plan on it unless I get a newer car or something like that, I’ve never had experience with it so I’d rather not.”

Some say this snow is minimal to what they’ve seen before.

“I’ve had 14 inches of snow in April, so this is normal,” New York native Connor Redmond said.

Whether you’re used to it or not, it’s still important to drive carefully.

“I do like to avoid it, I nearly spun out in this truck a little while ago back in New York so I try not to,” Redmond said.

A Duke Energy spokesperson, Ryan Mosier, says they’re also ready to go when it comes to power outages.

“Upwards of 750,000 customers in both states in the Carolinas could be affected by power outages because of the storm,” Mosier said.

The company says thousands of workers from different states have come in to combat any damage to power lines.

“All it takes is a quarter of ice to accumulate on a tree limb or power line to cause significant damage and bring that line down,” Mosier said.

Duke Energy is urging people to do their part to be prepared.

Mosier said, “The key is paying attention, understanding what the storm is doing, where it’s going, how it could potentially affect you and your family and loved ones and making a plan that you’re able to execute…”

If you run out of power and you need to find a shelter, the Red Cross has resources on their website.

Duke Energy also wants to remind people that road conditions might delay some power restoration in hard hit areas.