CHEROKEE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A Blacksburg man pleaded guilty Wednesday to three counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor while he was on probation.

South Carolina Attorney General announced that Nathanial Leron Jordon was on probation for a 2019 case involving the criminal solicitation of a minor and third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

Investigators said they were contacted last year by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in reference to Jordon.

The sheriff’s office said Jordon’s probation agent observed child sexual abuse material on his cell phone during a routine visit. Jordon was not allowed to have social media and was subjected to random searches of his electronic devices as part of the conditions of the sex offender probation.

Deputies arrested Jordon at his residence and officials seized a few digital and computer-related items.

Examiners found 50 images and videos of child sexual abuse material on two of Jordon’s devices during a full examination. Jordon also confessed to possessing the material.

The attorney general said Jordon was sentenced to eight years in prison. The sentence will begin following the five-year sentence Jordon is currently serving for similar charges.