WELLFORD, S.C. (WSPA)- An upstate Rehabilitation Center is expanding to help battle drug addiction and benefit men and families looking for help.

Evans Training Center started building its new facility in Wellford, their first permanent home in Spartanburg County after over a decade of service.

Evans Training Center is a Christian-based 40-week rehabilitation program that involves classes and vocational training.

Executive Director Dave Crooks said it’s a place for people who are serious about rehabilitation that helps them “escape addiction and stay unstuck.”

During the 40-week program, men are welcomed by staff and are assigned a “big brother” who teaches them everything they need to know about the program.

The vocational training involved the men volunteering their time working a job specific to them whether it’s painting, landscaping or remodeling.

Crooks said this expansion will help even more men in the community because of the expanded space this new facility will have.

Currently, Evans Training Center can only house around 10 men but with the new building, that number will be closer to 30.

One of the graduates Lucas Kearse shared his story and how Evans Training Center helped him turn his life around.

Kearse said he was battling addiction for 17 years before entering the program in 2019.

Kearse tells 7NEWS he was on the brink of divorce and losing his son before entering the program.

Since graduating, Kearse has been sober for almost 4 years and now lives happily with his wife and two kids.

That wasn’t the end of Lucas’ journey with Evans Training Center.

Kearse stuck with the program a little longer when he joined their leadership program and is now the paint supervisor.

“I was given an opportunity to have another chance,” said Kearse and, “for guys like me coming from over a decade, almost two decades of addiction I never thought that was going to be possible again at all.”

When it comes to the addition of the new facility on Spartanburg Highway Crooks said, “this one facility itself is going to solve not the whole problem but it is going to help a lot of people in Spartanburg County get free of chemical addiction once and for all.”

Crooks also hopes the new location with heavy traffic will give more courage to people wanting help to take a chance at recovery.

The new location is at 601 Spartanburg Hwy South in Wellford.

While the construction has started, the center is only $500,000 away from its $2 million goal which is thanks to donations from the community and the funds from the vocational training.

You can find more about the program at the Evans Training Center website.