GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- While the Midwest is dealing is the aftermath of the tornadoes, organizations here at home are stepping up to help people impacted and to make sure people are prepared for severe weather.

Multiple tornados touched down in the Midwest overnight, bringing death and devastation.

In Kentucky alone, the governor says there are at least 70 people feared to be dead.

Emergency management for Pickens County Pierce Womack says seeing the destruction from other tornadoes always reminds him of the ones we’ve had here in the Upstate.

“In northern Pickens County, the folks there were affected by the April 2020 tornadoes, a good chunk of the area there was totally devastated,” Womack said.

Womack saying a year later, they’re still in recovery.

“We’re still in contact with some of those folks who live there, trying to help them get things back together,” Womack said.

That’s why he says to do things now to set yourself and your family up to be prepared.

“We always try to tell folks to have an emergency kit and that can vary depending on the person and the family. I want them to have a kit that serves them in whatever they need for their family, whether that’s pet food whether that’s medications definitely everybody’s going to have a good water supply food supply, things like that,” Womack said.

Also, to have a way to contact someone during a tornado in case you need help.

“Keep your cellphone close by so if something does happen and a tree falls on your house or if you do have some type of collapse situation, that you have a way to call for help,” Womack said.

The Red Cross saying since so many of us know what it feels like to experience severe weather, it’s also important to lend a helping hand.

“Once we’re called upon the Red Cross of South Carolina will be working to identify volunteers and to deploy them wherever they’re needed most,” Mandy McWherter said.

The Blood Connection in the Upstate has activated their emergency blood centers in response to the tornado outbreak.

They say the weather has resulted in an immediate need for blood in the areas impacted.

To donate blood or funds click here.