ANDERSON CO., S.C. (WSPA)- Now that Christmas is over, a lot of people are spending the week cleaning up their holiday trash.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about how that trash could turn into the theft.

What may be the perfect Christmas present for you, could also be a temptation for thieves.

Almost every year during the holiday season, The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says they see more home break-ins.

Rates go up. That’s when more people are like the newest stuff is at this house, the newest stuff is over here,” ACSO public information officer, Carrie Skeen said.

They say burglars are well aware people are receiving high-end gifts for Christmas. and they look for opportunities to get their hands on them, especially if the gift boxes are sitting out front.

“You’re giving an opportunity for people to know what you have inside, know what you’ve received for Christmas,” Skeen said.

The sheriff’s office also says sometimes the burglars are looking for personal information on or inside the boxes.

Skeen said, “Some people just throw even the packing slip in it, so it has your name, your telephone number, your address, and sometimes your credit card information.”

However, one thing they say is important to do is get rid of them.

“We just advise breaking boxes down, putting them away, taking them to the recycling center,” Skeen said.

That also goes for social media.

The sheriff’s office says criminals stake out the internet, so it’s better to just keep your gifts to yourself.

“That is just another way besides putting boxes on the driveway. Putting it on your social media is saying ‘hey yeah look what’s inside, yeah you didn’t see the box for my new iPhone but hey I got this’.”

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said video evidence is the best tool people can have in burglary cases.

They say if you don’t have a security system, now is the time to get one.

The sheriff’s office says a petty larceny charge could be up to 30 days in jail, and grand larceny could be up to 10 years.