ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)- The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is now warning people against scammers claiming to be with the sheriff’s office.

Sarah Mosteller says she was a victim of this scam.

“He mentioned that his name was Lieutenant Terry Causey with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office,” Mosteller said.

That supposed Lieutenant telling her she missed jury duty, and because she didn’t go, there was a bench warrant out for her arrest.

Sh said he told her in order to clear up her name, she would have to head to the sheriff’s office to pay a fine.

“He gave me two different citation numbers, I mean. I’m not familiar with citation numbers but it was believable to me,” Mosteller said.

However, Mosteller says red flags started to come up when the caller was persistent about her staying on the phone the whole way to the sheriff’s office.

“He said now that we’ve made contact with you, we really can’t break this line of communication,” Mosteller said.

She says that’s when she knew it was all a scam.

Public Information Officer at the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, JT Foster said, “These criminals, what they’re trying to do is if they put you in a position where you have to act fast, that makes you think that it’s urgent.”

Foster says there are several signs to know if a call is bogus.

“We’re not going to call and ask you for money in any rate. The people that we receive money for is either through FOIA’s or papers that are being served or sex offender registries. All of those people know how it works,” Foster said.

If you don’t know what to do, Foster says, “You can hang up, you can call the sheriff’s office or our non-emergent line.”

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says if you have a question on whether or not someone actually works at the sheriff’s office or not, to call them immediately.