In response to Hurricane Florence, organizations across the state have been lending a helping hand to Florence victims. And at the University of South Carolina, dozens of students are getting in on the donations. 

The university’s College of Social Work started its own donation drive to help provide victims with the basics they’ll need while away from home or once they return.

Students have been collecting household items, supplies for pets, and even toys for children who may find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

For Madeline Cook, a student in the social work program and native of Conway, the impact of Hurricane Florence hits close to home. The damage in her hometown inspired her to get involved.

“A lot of my friends and family back home, their homes have been flooded by the hurricane. The rivers are continuing to crest and a lot of families are going without their homes and household items they usually have.”

Melissa Reitmeier, the director of field education for the college, helped Cook channel her concerns into a mission that would directly help victims. 

Reitmeier added, ” It becomes important for our social workers to know how to apply their skills, knowledge, and values that they’ve learned in the classroom and actually engage in an activity where they can make an impact.”

The National Guard will pick up the items on Monday to take to the South Carolina coast, where at least 40 homes have been destroyed according to South Carolina Emergency Management.