SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- USC Upstate is partnering with the South Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs and a Texas-based non-profit Combined Arms to give veterans a “one-stop shop” for resources.

The program is called the SC Veteran Coalition.

The university will be added to the platform where veterans and their families can be connected to the services and support that Upstate has to offer.

Veterans, active-duty members and their families can go to this one site for financial, medical or educational needs.

“Before, they may have to call around to several offices or call around to several people,” said USC Upstate Chancellor Dr. Bennie Harris. “Now, they go here, look, you can engage in that particular platform and now you can make the decision which of those services you actually need or can utilize.”

This program will give the dozens of veteran students at USC Upstate an easy way to find the resources they can provide.

“When you think about veteran services and what people support, from medical, to health, whether it’s military health, whether it’s finances,” said Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris mentioned that this platform will help families navigate the resources for their veteran benefits that they offer or benefits for their children if they want to attend USC Upstate.

The platform and other information can be found HERE.