BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. (WSPA) — A Tennessee community is praising a veteran for saving lives after a teen opened fire at a high school football game.

WMC reports Patrick Shields was celebrating a homecoming win at a tailgate party Friday when a 16-year-old started shooting.

That’s when Shields’ military training kicked. 

After 22 years in the Army, he currently serves in the National Guard. 

Shields jumped into action when the teen opened fire. 

Shields reportedly tackled the shooter and got the gun from him.  

Two people were shot.

Police say both shooting victims are expected to recover, and police will ask prosecutors to charge the teen suspect as an adult. 

Meanwhile, Shields is being called a hero.

“I wouldn’t consider myself a hero just taking it in. I was just trying to diffuse the problem,” Shields tells WMC.