INMAN, S.C. (WSPA) – Making sure veterans are honored one final time— that’s the goal of Veteran’s Last Patrol.

The national organization typically sends veteran volunteers out to visit hospitals and meet other veterans who are in hospice care.

Leroy Durrah Jr. is the operations coordinator for the local chapter. He said there are two reasons for what they do.

“One of which a lot of the veterans are there alone,” Durrah Jr. explained. “And secondly, you know, we want to get to know veterans, to honor them one last time, and to let them unburden themselves with some of the traumas of war that they may still be carrying with them.”

He added that way they can transition peacefully.

Like Miss Dorris Tower who served in the Navy.

“And she was a World War Two veteran,” Durrah Jr. told 7NEWS. “And she was a typist and she was stationed most of her career down in Jacksonville, Florida and that ceremony was great.”

These tributes give veterans like Tower that final bit of peace.

Durrah Jr. said it helps fuel his purpose.

“There’s no other reason for me to be living right now,” he said. “If I’m not giving back, I mean, I’m retired, I was in the military for 30 years. So I’m in a position where I can devote my time exclusively to doing this and for me, that gets me out of the bed every day.”

As an Army veteran, Durrah Jr. said he knows how important having that support can be.

Leroy Durrah Jr., Dorris Tower, Thank You For Your Service.

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