GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Surveillance videos from inside Platinum Plus show violations against the consent order put forth in 2015.

Platinum Plus was ordered to pay $65,000 in fines and follow several rules. Including that their dancers are covered and that they do not have any physical contact with customers.

The consent order also allowed Greenville County deputies to go into Platinum Plus at any time without a search warrant and that there would be access to surveillance videos.PLATINUM PLUS CONSENT ORDER

Those videos show women completely naked, on top of customers, and simulating sex with customers.

Solicitor Walt Wilkins filed a petition in April, stating that those violations warrant the owner and the company to be back in court.

You can read that petition here: PLATINUM PLUS PETITION

Switch, an Upstate Non-Profit that targets human trafficking and prostitution. Switch says they’ve helped over 500 women in 4 years, right now they have 30 women that they are assisting, and that strip clubs are a breeding ground for these crimes.

“A trafficker may drop his girl off and tell her to go get her money there. We also can see traffickers that come into clubs potentially look and recruit women that are working there, to try and get them more money,” said Zaina Greene with Switch.

Switch believes roughly 80% of strippers have or will be involved in human trafficking, which is a crime the entire community should be worried about.

“It fuels demand…it’s telling people it’s okay to exploit women or men for sexual services and honestly we don’t want to tolerate that in our communities,” said Greene.

Platinum Plus and their owner will be in court on May 18th to face a judge about the violations.