GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – An Upstate food bank is flooded after an arctic cold front caused the water pipes to burst over the holiday weekend.

Harvest Hope Food Bank located at 2818 White Horse Road flooded due to the busted pipes, which left 8 to 9 inches of water throughout the building.

“The biggest thing that made my heart drop this morning, was seeing those people in those car rider lines and telling them, we’re not going to be able to help you today,” said Chad Scott, the director of development and agency relations.

On Monday, puddles lined the hallways, crews worked to remove water, and boxes of food are now unusable.

“It looks like we’ve lost roughly 100,000 plus pounds of food that would normally go out,” said Scott.

Scott said thousands of gallons of water flooded the building over the weekend. He said the building lost power, backup generators ran out of gas, and pipes froze and then burst.

“When we opened the doors, the two glass doors, a literal tidal wave of water came out of the building,” said Scott.

Now, they’re cleaning up the mess and assessing the damage.

“I think if we look at it pragmatically, there’s a quarter million to a half million dollars worth of damage, just from the water, the loss of food, from everything that’s going to come in and that’s not in the budget,” said Scott.

Scott said there’s one thing they haven’t lost: hope. He said it’s a tough situation at the food bank, but a heartbreaking one for families who rely on the food bank. Scott is hopes the community steps up, donating food, and money, and hosting food drives.

“This is one of the most giving communities I’ve ever had,” said Scott.

This week, Harvest Hope is directing direct people to other food banks and pantries in the area, but Scott said he aims to reopen on Monday to serve the community.

“What I’m not going to let happen is the people in the Upstate go hungry because we had a broken pipe. That’s no excuse,” said Scott.

Scott said people can find other food pantries in resources in the area online. He also said people can drop off donations at 2818 White Horse Road in Greenville County from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. to help restock the supply.

Anyone that wishes to help Harvest Hope with immediate clean-up needs as they continue to assess and clean from the burst pipe can make a donation by clicking here.

All Harvest Hope locations will remain closed this week according to the company.