COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – South Carolina’s emergency leaders say residents should pay attention to Tropical Storm Nicole which could bring severe weather to much of the state this week.

Forecasters say South Carolina could see periods of heavy rain, gusty winds, isolated tornadoes, and storm surge associated with the storm after it makes landfall in Florida. Those impacts are likely to begin Thursday into early Friday.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) said residents and visitors in potentially vulnerable areas should review their plans and consider actions they would need to take if the storm threatens the state.

“The exact location and the severity of what Tropical Storm Nicole does to our state will depend on its intensity,” said SCEMD Director Kim Stenson. “Given the uncertainty of the storm’s strength and path as it approaches South Carolina, residents need to have their personal emergency plans ready to go just in case we need to take safety precautions later in the week.”

Meanwhile, Charleston city leaders said Tuesday they were beginning early preparations for the storm.

The city’s stormwater department has reserved temporary pups to be positioned in low-lying areas in advance of potential flooding from the storm. They said crews will work to clean out ditches and drains in flood-prone areas, and the city’s Parks Department is lowering the water level in Lake Dotterer and Colonial Lake as a preventative measure.