Asheville, NC (WSPA) — The city of Asheville is home to thousands of people and many of them ride bikes and share the road with vehicles.

Recent incidents of drivers clashing with cyclist are raising awareness, questions and concerns.

On Wednesday, police asked for help identifying a cyclist accused of assaulting and robbing a Fairview man. That comes just weeks after an Asheville cyclist appeared to be punched by a driver in an incident that was caught on camera.

Recent clashes like this these seem to be raising concerns for those who use alternative transportation.

Mike Sule is a member of Asheville Bikers.“What is it about our roads that needs to change. And what can we do better as a community?” Sule asked.

He says the battle isn’t over street space, it’s about how we interact and lack of education.

“We don’t treat each other this way in the grocery store,” Sule said.

Many say more education is needed.

That’s why the website was launched. It lists rules of the road for pedestrians, cyclist and drivers.

“We don’t have any laws that I’m aware of on the books that prohibit bicyclist from being on public streets and highways they have a right to the roadway just like any other vehicle,” said Sgt. Scott Pruett with the Asheville Police Department.

It is illegal for cyclists to ride on the interstate.

Cyclists are required to follow the same traffic laws as drivers and when it’s all said and done, at the end of a ride, cyclists just want to make it home.

“We’re not bicycles. We’re people, we’re fathers, we’re brothers. We’re somebody sons just treat us like people and be cautious,” said cyclist Gino Mordocco.