GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The City of Greenville said one of the statues in the ‘Wings of the City’ collection was vandalized Saturday morning.

The city said Park and Public Works employees spent hours reattaching the statue.

Hispanic Alliance Executive Director Adela Mendoza released the following statement to 7News:

“We were saddened to wake up to the unfortunate news that one of the nine sculptures by Mexican artist, Jorge Marin, being displayed at Falls Park was vandalized last night.

This exhibit seeks to celebrate the cultural diversity in our community, to add to the beauty of our community, and to encourage positive dialogue. As we have continuously expressed, part of diversity means that we all have different experiences that inform our individual points of view.

In a free society, we all should have the right to express our ideas freely. Public art provides a vehicle for the expression of our humanity.  It is ok to disagree, but we need to do so respectfully. Violence is never the solution.

The City of Greenville is investigating and intends to prosecute those responsible. Until the investigation is complete, we encourage the public not to jump to conclusions. Please continue to visit the nine sculptures and show your support by tagging #WingsofGVL”

Greenville Police Department is investigating.