HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WSPA)- As temperatures are getting colder tonight, drivers are being warned about road conditions in the snow.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation says they’ve had all of last year to prepare for this storm, but say they want drivers to be just as prepared as they are.

It’s the first snow of the new year.

Some people visiting North Carolina say they’re ready to see the white powder on the ground.

“I am so excited. I mean it’s been so warm lately, so I’m surprised we’re getting snow,” Todd Matocha said. “We’re in town for a few days so what’s better in than mountains than snow.”

NCDOT says they’re also ready.

“For the first one of the year, having an additional amount of time throughout the season to prepare has helped us some, our materials stockpiles are full,” Assistant Division Maintenance Engineer for NCDOT, Scott Killough said.

As folks enjoy the winter wonderland, there are some cautions to take if you’re driving.

Matocha said, “I’m a little nervous about driving though because we’re up on a mountain side, but we may just stay in and have a big breakfast and enjoy it.”

Slowing down is the best way to practice caution when there’s snow and ice on the ground.

Killough said, “If you’re commuting in the morning just give yourself some extra time, you know, as we get back to work, back to school, try to give yourself a few extra minutes to make yourself aware of some of those areas that may be slick.”

Especially since NCDOT says they won’t be salting the roads tonight.

“There’s so much rainfall associated with the front end, we haven’t done any anti-icing,” Killough said.

The department says they do have equipment ready to de-ice the roads in the morning.

“Here in the mountains, generally the higher the elevation the cooler the temperature, so those areas that are higher elevation will cool first and get our first attention,” Killough said.

SCDOT said they aren’t preparing roads right now, but they say they’re going to keep an eye on the weather.

Asheville Public Works says they have salt and trucks ready to go if they need it.

In Buncombe County, Asheville city schools have announced tomorrow will be an e-learning day for students.

We have a banner at the top of our website that we’re updating with school closings and delays.