(WSPA) – Easter is not just dyed eggs and chocolate, but with kites and bonfires as well. Here are five ways Easter is celebrated around the globe, according to Scholastic Parents.


According to Bermudian legends, the tradition of flying homemade kites on Good Friday started when a teacher had trouble explaining the resurrection of Jesus to his Sunday school class, so he made a kite to explain the concept.

Northwestern Europe

In some areas of Northwestern Europe, natives make large bonfires called Easter Fires on Easter Sunday and Monday. Although it started as a way to chase the winter away, natives use it as a way to bring communities together.


Children in Sweden walk around their neighborhood and trade their artwork for candy dressed up as Easter witches and wear old clothes.

Haux, France

People living in Haux, France use more than 4,500 eggs to serve an omelet for at least 1,000 people on Easter Monday.

Australia, United Kingdom, United States

In Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, children decorate bonnets with bunny ears, chickens, eggs, chocolate or flowers. They also have Easter bonnet parades.