About Inman

INMAN, S.C. (WSPA) – Inman was established in 1882 and has a sweet history because they were once known for their peaches.

They even claimed to be the peach capital of the world.

Local historians said Inman got its name because of the railroad and not anyone from the town.

Local Historian Pete Miller said it was named after the President of the railroad company in Atlanta Samual David Inman.

“It was just a crossroad of two roads,” Miller said. “Howard Gap and Blackstock.”

Families that lived in the unsettled town convinced the railroad to pass through Inman.

“When they came through, they promised to build a little depot,” Miller explained. “Not only that but to divide off a few acres of land dedicated to a little town in the future.

The town started small, fit with businesses like a blacksmith, a bank and even a barber shop that all started where the depot was.

Inman was soon surrounded by much bigger industries like textile and cotton mills but they were making a much sweeter product.

According to Miller, “After cotton, peaches were the most important crop.”

Miller said, Inman was known as the peach capital of the world and sent 100 boxcars of peaches out a day in the 30s.

Longtime resident Roger Newman said he grew up on a peach farm.

“I grew up on a farm long enough to know I never want to be on one again.”

Newman stuck to his word and opened “The Frame House” in Inman over thirty years ago and said he sees the old and new of Inman.

“I see so many people from all parts of the country that have moved in here,” Newman said.

He said, they make their way to Inman for several reasons but one sticks out the most.

“They like the area, they like the weather but mostly what you hear they like the people because people are friendly.”

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