About Lake Lure

LAKE LURE, N.C. (WSPA) – In the early 1900s, Dr. Lucius Morse bought Chimney Rock and hundreds of acres surrounding it. He had the vision to create a resort community and a lake.

“In the early 20s, they started designing the lake,” Town Commissioner of Lake Lure, Jim Proctor, explained. “That’s when the Morse family built Lake Lure.”

The lake was completed in 1927. Not only did it bring tourists, but it also brought power.

“Lake Lure is one of the early big ones that actually had hydropower,” Proctor said. “They did that because, in the 20s, not every community had electricity. They had a hydro plant to make electricity.”

The town of Lake Lure was built around the water.

“All of the lake activities you can think of are here,” Proctor said.

Today, visitors and residents can enjoy a day at the beach and take a kayak or paddleboard out to enjoy the lake. Boat tours and rentals are also available.

“The pontoon boats look great,” Carol Anderson said. “Hopefully we can find one to rent sometime during our stay.”

The Anderson family traveled from Pennsylvania to spend the week in Lake Lure.

“I started Googling sites for family trips, and Lake Lure came up,” Anderson said. “I started looking around. It looked like a really nice place. It had a lot of family things to do.”

The area is also known for its walking and hiking trails. In the winter, people go rock climbing and bouldering.

“Lake Lure is fabulous for any type of outdoor activity year-round,” Proctor said.

Proctor was born in Lake Lure and has studied the town’s history. He said the town will always have a special place in his heart.

“This is home,” Proctor said. “Luckily, my home is the prettiest place in the world. There are really a lot of nice places in the world but nothing like Lake Lure.”

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