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On average 25 teens are killed in auto accidents each year in the Upstate of South Carolina*




1. Always wear your seat belt

2. Put your phone out of reach.

Texting and calls can wait!

3. Never get in a car with an impaired driver and NEVER drink and drive.

4. Night driving is dangerous! Get home before dark and take extra precaution SLOW DOWN while driving at night.

5. Don’t let your friends distract you while you are driving.

1. Drive w/ your teen as much as possible.

2. Take the two hour Parent Program internet based course on the risks teens face at Alive at 25.

3. Schedule your teen driver to the Alive at 25 survival course developed by the National Safety Council.

4. Program numbers in your teen’s phone of who to call if they feel unsafe getting in a car.

5. Sit down with your teen and go over the importance of the 5 action steps.

Parents and Teens take a stand!  Sign the Safe Driving Pledge

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Young drivers are involved in fatal crashes more than twice the rate of all other drivers. The first year a teen gets a license is the most dangerous. They are involved in 1 in 5 crashes. 11,000 teens die every year in accidents. 3,800 drivers involved in crashes are age 15-20. 326,000 young drivers are seriously hurt each year. 25% of fatal accidents involve young drivers and were alcohol related. The average BAC was 0.14. The legal limit is 0.08. Under 21 is 0.02 zero tolerance. Driving over the speed limit is the most common error in fatal teen crashes. Young drivers are involved in 28% of all crashes, even though they represent 14% of licensed drivers. SOURCE: SCAliveat25.com


Don’t feel safe driving? CALL YOUR PARENT, GUARDIAN or another safe alternative to get home alive.


*(reference the NHTSA from 2000-2015) **Hodge & Langley Law Firm is providing this agreement as a courtesy for the safety and benefit of the public. Downloading this agreement does not establish an attorney-client relationship with our Firm and should not be construed as legal advice or relied on as every factual circumstance is different requiring individualized analysis. If you have any questions at all about the legal implications of this agreement, please contact one of the attorneys at Hodge & Langley Law Firm.

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