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Which Justin Bieber merch is best?

When a star is as famous as Justin Bieber, it goes hand-in-hand that there is an abundance of merchandise dedicated to him. From apparel to posters to figurines to cardboard cutouts, there is something for every Belieber and every budget.

Whether you’re shopping for teenagers or adults, the Justin Bieber Key Eau de Parfum Spray is a top choice. This unisex perfume is reasonably priced and has a sweet floral scent. But if perfume is not what you’re after, there are plenty of other options.

What to know before you buy Justin Bieber merch

Justin Bieber’s background

Justin Bieber is a Canadian-born singer and songwriter. He rose to fame when he was just 13 and his mother posted YouTube videos of him singing and playing acoustic guitar. Since then, he has gained international success and collaborated with artists such as Mariah Carey, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande.

Age-appropriate Justin Bieber merch

Bieber fans range from kids through adults, and the versatility of the merchandise surrounding him reflects this. Younger fans tend to prefer more vibrant colors, toys, cute keychains and posters, while older Beliebers typically prefer perfumes and edgier fashion wear. But this rule of thumb doesn’t hold for everyone, so consider the preferences of those you’re buying for.

What is Drew House?

Drew House, or The House of Drew, is Justin Bieber’s fashion brand. The apparel is characterized by a yellow smiley-face logo, with the word “Drew” representing the smile. Bieber is often photographed wearing this label, adding to its popularity among Beliebers.

What to look for in quality Justin Bieber merch


Justin Bieber hoodies

There’s a plethora of clothing featuring Bieber’s image or name. Its quality varies dramatically depending on the manufacturer, so it’s best to choose a brand you trust or read customer reviews to ensure you get a quality product. T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies are the most popular picks for Bieber clothing.

Justin Bieber perfume

Justin Bieber lends his name to a number of perfumes for both men and women. Many of his scents have floral and sweet tones. The scents are well suited to a range of people, and all come in stylish display-worthy bottles.

Justin Bieber posters

Justin Bieber raunchy posters

As with any major pop star, there’s an abundance of Justin Bieber posters on the market. Posters tend to lend themselves more to children and teenagers, though some adults may appreciate them, too. They vary from close-ups of his face to more raunchy posters for adults.

Bieber merch for young fans

Justin Bieber trading cards

For young fans, Justin Bieber trading cards and Drew House stickers are top options. In addition, if your child hates brushing their teeth, a toothbrush that plays his hit song “Boyfriend” could be the ideal gift.

Bieber merch for teens

Justin Bieber cardboard cutouts

While teenagers often appreciate clothes, posters and perfume, pillowcases and cardboard cutouts can also help to make them feel closer to their favorite singer. They also make excellent bedroom decorations for a teenage Belieber.

Bieber gift wrap

Once you’ve found the perfect gift for your child, sibling, friend, partner or parent, there’s no better way to present it than alongside a Justin Bieber greeting card. It has a style that Beliebers may relish all year long.

How much you can expect to spend on Justin Bieber merch

There is Bieber merchandise to suit all budgets. Stickers and posters can be purchased for less than $10. Apparel featuring him sells for $30-$150, while his perfumes cost $45-$80 per fluid ounce.

Justin Bieber merch FAQ

Who creates Justin Bieber merch?

A. Many manufacturers produce merchandise with Bieber’s image or name. Not all are licensed, and the quality varies dramatically. For this reason, you should buy from a trusted retailer.

Is Justin Bieber’s music available on CD?

A. Yes. Many of Bieber’s popular albums, including “Believe,” “Changes” and “Purpose,” are available on CD. For those who still own a CD player this could make an excellent, albeit somewhat retro, gift.

What’s the best Justin Bieber merch to buy?

Top Justin Bieber merch

Justin Bieber Key Eau de Parfum Spray

Justin Bieber Key Eau de Parfum Spray

What you need to know: This floral, fruity perfume has mature tones suitable for adults and teens alike.

What you’ll love: The sweet top notes blend perfectly with musk wood and vanilla base notes to create an all-around pleasant fragrance. It comes in a sleek white-gloss bottle with a gold-colored key charm.

What you should consider: It tends to wear off after a couple of hours.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Justin Bieber merch for the money

Funko Pop Rocks Music, Justin Bieber Toy Figure

Funko Pop Rocks: Music, Justin Bieber Toy Figure

What you need to know: This is a cute figurine for Beliebers of any age.

What you’ll love: Stylized in the classic Funko Pop manner, this vinyl figure portrays Bieber with an oversized head, wearing a cargo shirt and ripped jeans. At just under 4 inches tall, it makes a great shelf ornament or toy.

What you should consider: Occasionally Funko Pop figures are produced with paint defects.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Allntrends Adult Hoodie Bieber Tattoos

Allntrends Adult Hoodie Bieber Tattoos

What you need to know: Here’s an amazingly comfortable unisex hoodie for teens and adults.

What you’ll love: This white hooded sweater is available in six sizes, from small to 3X-large. It portrays many of Justin’s tattoos in a detailed manner and the correct positions.

What you should consider: It doesn’t feature all of his tattoos.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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