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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but it can be challenging for people in long-distance relationships. The distance can seem like more of an issue on special days, and tips to make Valentine’s Day special are often focused on couples who live together or are close to one another. 

However, with a touch of thoughtful planning, it’s completely possible to plan the perfect long-distance Valentine’s Day date. 

Send something special

Start the day off with a delivery of flowers, sweet treats or another gift to show your partner you’re thinking of them. You could arrange an early delivery so their gift can greet them first thing in the morning or have it arrive during the day, so it’s waiting for them when they come home after a busy day. 

Check your technology ahead of time

Whether you’re planning a video call or a talk on the phone, an essential part of planning your long-distance date is ensuring there won’t be any technological hitches that could ruin the vibe. If you are video chatting from a phone or tablet, make sure you have a suitable stand so you can look at your loved one as if they were right across from you. If you’re using a laptop, consider pairing it with an external webcam because built-in laptop webcams are notoriously bad. Test out any new devices before your date.

Cook the same meal

Plan to cook the same meal together and video chat while you’re in the kitchen, so it feels a bit like you’re cooking each other a romantic Valentine’s dinner. You could both shop for the same ingredients, but ordering a kit from a meal delivery service makes this even easier. Alternatively, if neither of you is into cooking, you could both order takeout to your home. Just try to have it arrive simultaneously or choose dishes that will keep well if one of your meals takes longer to arrive.

Have a video dinner date

When you’ve finished cooking, or your food has arrived, it’s time for your video dinner date. Consider dressing up and laying the table nicely to set the mood. Make sure the lighting’s right, and set your phone, tablet or laptop up so your face is fully in frame. Think about choosing a drink pairing, whether alcoholic or nonalcoholic, that you can enjoy together.

Watch a movie

Dinner and a movie is a classic date combo for a reason. Choose something that you’ll both enjoy, whether that’s a romantic comedy or the latest thriller. Many streaming services have group watch features that perfectly sync up your streams so you can be certain you’re both watching the same part at the same time. You can keep in touch over your preferred messaging service, chatting about the movie as you watch. Avoid subtitled movies for this reason, as it can be hard to keep up with subtitles if you’re writing and reading messages.

What you need for a long-distance Valentine’s date

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