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How to reduce clutter and store items in a kitchen corner

When it comes to clutter, the kitchen is one of the hidden (or not-so-hidden) places with the most clutter. From appliances and utensils that are no longer used to weird spaces that make storage a nightmare, the kitchen is one place that can quickly become a mess. 

If you have a straight kitchen, it’s easy to deal with clutter and storage. However, many kitchens have an “L-shape” design, causing at least one corner that can quickly attract a mess, especially if you are renovating. 

Corner kitchens can be problematic to design and arrange in a way that is both efficient for your daily cooking and storage needs while being presentable. Luckily, tackling this problem is not impossible. With a bit of inspiration, you’ll get some ideas that work for corner kitchens to maximize space and create a beautiful, clutter-free kitchen. 

Corner shelves and cabinets 


You can go in many different directions for cabinets and shelving. While the typical cabinets and shelves can still work in your space, a corner shelf or cabinet is best for those tricky corners in your kitchen. 

Sagler Corner Shelf

With a corner cabinet, you can utilize a little counter space to store many items. You can easily store multiple things that would have been hanging around on your countertops, like spices, small appliances, bottles and other containers. For a unique design, this shelf from Sagler offers something different that is just as efficient. 

Shelving Solution

A floating shelf is also a good, fun solution for kitchen corners. Something stylish and sturdy, like this wall shelf from Shelving Solution, can add sleekness to those hard corners as well as a safe space for smaller utensils, knick-knacks, or even plants. 



While shelves help reduce the clutter that could be lying on your countertops, a cabinet offers more ample space for storage. For instance, this cabinet from Prepac provides a modern and sleek design with enough space to store larger items. It also includes adjustable shelves, which will come in handy if you ever need to store differently-sized objects or are just looking to redesign.

While not precisely a cabinet, a corner bookshelf is a piece that will not only save up space but it’ll add some flair to the kitchen. With a corner bookshelf, you can easily put your cookbooks, notepads, pens and recipe index cards in one place. A bookcase can allow you to have your favorite recipes on hand while cooking for yourself or friends and family. 

Pullouts and lazy Susans

The lazy Susan is one of the best and most common solutions for organization. While having shelves and cabinets allow you to create more space in your kitchen, adding a lazy Susan to those spaces gives you even more storage space. 

Copco turntable

With a lazy Susan, like this Copco turntable, you can further organize things in your cabinets and shelves. You can move items from place to place and maximize your space because of the easy glide feature. 

Most designers have the lazy Susan as their go-to, and it’s clear to see why. With its rotating design, you can keep items you will use often and those you don’t use as frequently. When done using your go-to items, you simply give your lazy Susan a spin and get whatever you need.

A pullout is also a fantastic option for maximizing space, especially in your drawers and cabinets. Pullouts come in various shapes and sizes, but a free-standing pullout are excellent for blind corners. 


At first sight, your drawers and cabinets will look like every other drawer or cabinet, but once you open them up, the pullout reveals itself and all the items you’ve stored. Pullouts with adjustable heights and widths are great because you can organize and reorganize as many times as you want. 

Corner sinks 

Ruvati corner sink

Many people don’t realize that corner sinks work effectively in kitchen corners. With a corner sink, you also get to have space on both sides that you can use for drying racks and other items. This Ruvati corner sink is an excellent option as it also comes with curved corners that make cleaning less of a hassle. 

Flower pots

Another bonus that comes with corner sinks is the space that will be behind. You can use this as extra counter space to keep your sponges and dish liquid or even something cute like an indoor plant. If the counter space of your corner sink is adequate, you can start a little indoor herb garden in flower pots.

Organizing your kitchen corners

Kitchen corners are tricky and can cause quite a headache when renovating or looking for more efficient storage space. It’s important not to lose hope as there are tons of creative and stylish ways to get those corners working for you and storing more items for a clutter-free kitchen. 

While shelves, cabinets, pullouts and corner sinks are fun ideas to try, it’s important to find styles that suit your taste and the overall decor of your kitchen. 

Cake Stand

A few simple changes is all it takes to make your kitchen unique, tidy and beautiful. You can also choose space-saving accessories such as cake stands, fruit baskets, bread bins, open shelves and even accordion cabinets. With simple adjustments and furniture, you can turn your kitchen into a lively space in which it will be easy and enjoyable to cook. 


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