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Which HP touch-screen laptop is best?

For many users, a laptop needs to offer versatility and accessibility, catering to those who use a machine for work or entertainment. A touch-screen laptop combines power and accessibility, serving users who enjoy streaming, browsing, collaborating, gaming and even working. 

One of the computer industry leaders, HP features a range of touch-screen laptops for a variety of purposes. The Elitebook 850 G8 is HP’s latest top option, although it best serves business uses. Power, size and how and where you use your laptop will all influence finding the best HP touch-screen model available. 

What to know before you buy an HP touch-screen laptop

Who will benefit from a touch-screen laptop?

Some users will benefit more than others from touch-screen laptops. Those who have a set workstation or desk at home may not find the versatility of a touch-screen laptop useful. On the other hand, for those who may enjoy browsing and enjoying content from the bed, couch or on the move, a touch-screen laptop offers immense convenience.

They are ideal for shopping online, watching content or playing games. Concerning work, those in design or other creative fields or anyone in a situation where they may need to collaborate and work with others will find a touch screen to make such tasks more efficient and precise. For more information on what else HP can offer, check out the buying guide at BestReviews.

Operating system

Most HP touch-screen laptops feature Windows 10, a popular and trusted operating system that typically comes with trials for security software as well as Microsoft Office. However, for those on a budget, or anyone who enjoys Google products, HP also offers a handful of touch-screen Chromebooks. Using Google OS, Chromebooks require a regular internet connection since most programs are online. These tend to be inexpensive, lightweight and low on storage.


HP touch-screen laptops range in size from around 10 inches up to 17 inches; size is measured from one diagonal to the other. The size will influence weight and portability — smaller options are easier to wield and take with you on the go, but it limits the field of view and interaction. 

Consider how you’ll use the laptop and what other devices you may have. For example, if you have a sizable monitor or a large TV that a laptop may connect to or cast to, a smaller option is likely ideal. On the other hand, if the touch-screen laptop is mostly used at home, maybe a large option is more viable.

What to look for in a quality HP touch-screen laptop

Convertible model

Convertible laptops feature a hinge that allows the device to open 180 degrees and sit flat on a surface or flipped over completely and be used as a tablet. This design allows for more versatile and convenient usages, especially when working with others or relaxing on a couch. In addition, the hinge is rigorously tested for durability and functionality.


Consider the RAM and storage options when investing in a new touchscreen laptop. Most HP models offer 8GB or 16GB of memory; more memory allows for smoother multitasking and the ability to switch between more intensive programs with ease. A couple of options offer 32GB for intense usage.

Most touchscreen laptops offer either 265GB or 512GB of storage, although a handful offer 1TB at a higher cost and increased size. Again, consider how often you’re working online and saving items against what kind of files you will keep on your laptop offline. For those with an external hard drive, a touch-screen laptop with a lot of storage may not be necessary.


Note the ports available on the laptop and what devices you may need to connect. Most feature at least one HDMI or DisplayPort input, both of which offer high-speed, faithful transmission of audio and video. At least one USB port is likely to be included as well. 

How much you can expect to spend on an HP touch-screen laptop

HP touch-screen laptops vary widely in price due to size, power and usage. Chromebooks are on the lower end for around $300, while high-performance models can cost up to and more than $1,000.

HP touch-screen laptop FAQ

What’s the difference between the HP Envy series and HP Spectre series?

A. The HP Envy series features touch-screen laptops of both the traditional clamshell variety, which folds and opens like a normal laptop as well as the convertible form. Spectre touch-screen laptops currently are all convertible. Generally, Envy laptops start at a lower price and are suited for varied, casual use, while Spectre models are geared toward more intensive performance.

What kind of security features come with HP touch-screen laptops?

A. Most laptops feature a fingerprint reader to grant access, while some also include a facial recognition scanner to operate. Moreover, for those concerned about privacy online, certain models feature a webcam Kill Switch button to shut down video as well as a mute button to secure conversations. Finally, for those working, some options come with HP Wolf Security for Business to offer even more freedom and peace of mind for those working.

What’s the best HP touch-screen laptop to buy?

Top HP touch-screen laptop

Elitebook 850 G8

Elitebook 850 G8

What you need to know: Versatile, durable and feature-packed, this high-end touch-screen laptop is a workhouse for those on the go.

What you’ll love: This business model features lightweight, strong construction despite its modest 15-inch screen. Its 16GB RAM allows for multitasking, while a lengthy battery and spill-resistant keyboard hold up to long days of work.

What you should consider: This laptop is expensive and lacks a convertible hinge design.

Where to buy: Sold by HP and Amazon

Top HP touch-screen laptop for the money

Pavilion X360

Pavilion X360

What you need to know: This compact, budget-friendly 2-in-1 laptop is for those seeking convenience and affordability in a device.

What you’ll love: Functions as a laptop or tablet; its 14-inch screen is worthy for streaming or browsing on your own. Includes HDMI port and two USB slots. Fairly lightweight and priced well.

What you should consider: It lacks power and memory for intensive multitasking and work.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Envy X360

Envy X360

What you need to know: An efficient and versatile laptop that comes at a midrange price, it is terrific for multitaskers who embrace entertainment and creativity.

What you’ll love: This convertible 13-inch touchscreen laptop is ideal for frequent, casual use wherever you are. Impressive graphics welcome light gaming and streaming content. It is lightweight and durable.

What you should consider: Its smaller screen may limit some usage. Increased storage and brightness raise the price.

Where to buy: Sold by HP

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