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Which treatment for diabetic foot pain is best? 

Painful feet can cause problems throughout your body. The effect can ripple from your knees to your hips and all the way up your spinal column. It can also affect your mood and mental health, according to the National Institutes of Health. One cause of foot pain is diabetic neuropathy, the development of pain, discomfort and other related health issues because of diabetes. 

Diabetic neuropathy can reveal itself by causing pain, tingling, numbness, slow-healing wounds, dry skin or even ulcers. If there is no intervention or treatment, it can eventually lead to amputation. This is why it is important to treat diabetic foot pain with the urgency it deserves. 

Fit your feet for comfort

Several wearable items can help to improve your feet’s circulation and reduce pain when walking. Orthopedic shoes, socks and inserts can cushion your gait while minimizing pressure or swelling. 


Whether you are ambulatory or not, your shoes can be vital to your feet’s circulation. For those who suffer with foot pain, proper shoes can even help to prevent further foot issues such as calluses or blisters, according to the Mayo Clinic. If your shoes are too tight, circulation is restricted and when they are too loose, aside from shoes falling off, they can also cause painful blisters. So protecting your feet can be as simple as getting a new pair of quality shoes. 

Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes

Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes

These are modern, comfortable and intended for pain relief. Discomforts of the feet, including neuropathy, are minimized and the insoles can be removed if needed.

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Another great way to reduce pain in your feet is by using socks designed to improve circulation. Specialized socks for people with diabetes offer daily relief from foot pain by keeping your feet dry, protecting them from injury and minimizing odor. They are made for comfort and increase the blood flow to your lower extremities. 

Dr. Scholls Womens Diabetes and Circulatory Socks

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Diabetes and Circulatory Socks

This set of socks has a non-binding top that won’t cut off your circulation. They are machine washable and create a habitat for dry, healthy feet.

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Fitted orthotics

If you want to make your shoes more comfortable, purchase orthotic inserts. These can be easily placed inside your shoe to improve your gait and reduce pain. Orthotics can be purchased in stores or online, or prescribed by your podiatrist. 

Dr Scholls Womens Extra Support Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Extra Support Insoles

Orthotic inserts designed to provide women’s feet with relief throughout the day. They’re available in different sizes and variations.

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Keep your feet fit

The health of your feet is determined by the health of the rest of your body. Focus on keeping your diet healthy and getting regular exercise if pain is affecting your feet. If you have difficulty with exercise, talk with your doctor about workouts that fit your abilities. 


What you put into your body is reflected in your total wellness. Checking your sugar intake is common practice for those with diabetes, and it can save your life. There are several great cookbooks for people with diabetes, so you can look through them and find what you’re in the mood for. 

Amzing Rock Press Diabetic Meal Prep Cookbook For Beginners

AMzing Rock Press “Diabetic Meal Prep Cookbook For Beginners”

This cookbook is for those who are pre-diabetic or have been recently diagnosed with diabetes. It contains a four-week meal plan and over 800 recipes for those changing their habits and improving their diet.

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Moving your body can improve your circulation, your immune system and your health. However, sometimes pain can hinder your ability and desire to exercise. Yoga is a low-impact workout that benefits your flexibility and balance, according to the Mayo Clinic. It can be used to boost your health and reduce pain in the feet as well as the rest of your body.

Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

This is a non-slip, solid grip mat made from natural rubber. It is a quality mat for any level that can be used for any occasion and it comes in eight colors.

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Increase circulation with massage

Diabetic foot pain can be relieved with massage. If you are in need of something daily, a home foot massager can be just the thing for you. Simply settle into your favorite binge-worthy show and relax as your feet’s circulation is improved for you.

Relaxable Foot Massager Ottoman

Relaxable Foot Massager Ottoman

This is a stylish ottoman for your living room that transforms into a foot massager for your neuropathy. It comes in different colors with compression therapy, heat therapy and vibration settings.

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Pamper yourself 

Self-care is more than just meditation, it can also be useful for pain relief. Taking the time to pamper your feet will not only reduce pain, it can also increase your joy. Consider some of your favorite self-care activities to be part of your new health regime.

Soak your feet

Treat yourself to a bubble bath just for your feet and feel the discomfort melt away. A foot massager can be used for pain relief, stress relief, or simply as a mood booster. Relax with a good book and let your feet soak up the moisture. This will prevent diabetic foot pain from getting out of control by keeping your skin soft and supple.

Foot Spa Bath Massager

Foot Spa Bath Massager

This foot spa can be used after long days or anytime your feet are feeling sore and tired. It has acupressure massage points, bubbles, vibration and a rolling massager.

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Epsom salts

According to the National Institutes of Health, Epsom salts can reduce pain and swelling in the body. Use them in a warm bath or foot spa to relieve the tension in your aching feet. Consult a doctor before adding them to your regimen to be sure that there are no unexpected reactions with any medications you might be taking. 

Dr Teals Epsom Salt Relax Relief

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Relax & Relief

This blend by the well-known Dr. Teal’s brand is a eucalyptus and spearmint mix meant to provide relaxation. It soothes muscles and cleanses the skin, leaving it refreshed.

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Use pain relievers

When you are in pain, the initial thought is relief. Use over-the-counter medications or creams before talking with your doctor about anything stronger. Medication can help sooth diabetic foot pain while you treat problem areas and get your feet into a better condition.

OTC or prescription

Taking medication can be a quick way to eliminate pain in your lower extremities. Use a pain reliever with an anti-inflammatory, as this will help foot pain and may help heal your feet, according to the Mayo Clinic. If over-the-counter drugs don’t work well enough, discuss other pain alternatives with your doctor.

Advil Liquid Gels Pain Relief

Advil Liquid Gels Pain Relief

This well-known brand has 200 milligrams of ibuprofen per capsule. It can be used to reduce pain, fever and inflammation throughout the body.

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Rather than ingesting medication, you can use topical creams to manage pain. Simply massage the cream into your skin and allow it to absorb into your bloodstream. Creams can be found at your local pharmacy or prescribed by a doctor.

Topricin Pain Relief Cream

Topricin Pain Relief Cream

This cream targets and reduces inflammation when absorbed into the skin. The blend of pain relievers offers effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including diabetic neuropathy. 

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