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Which portable massage tables are best?

Other than electric or hydraulic tables, the vast majority of massage tables are designed to be collapsible and easily stored. However, there are key differences between a portable massage table designed for mobile massage therapists and tables that are designed for therapists who work in a single location. The top choice for an ultra-light table that is easy to carry is the Artechworks Portable Lightweight Massage Table

What to know before you buy a portable massage table

Portable massage table benefits 

Chair massage is a popular modality for mobile massage therapists, but a lightweight and easy-to-carry portable table will come in handy when a client requires a technique that cannot be performed in a massage chair. A portable massage table is also useful for therapists who need to store their table when it is not in use. 

Portable massage tables vs. stationary massage tables 

A stationary massage table tends to provide a sturdier surface than a portable massage table. Stationary massage tables frequently include hydraulics or electric power lift pedals. Portable massage tables are much lighter than stationary tables. The key features of a portable massage table are their folding hinges in the middle of the table and collapsable legs. A portable massage table will generally include a carrying handle on the side. 

Carrying a portable massage table  

A massage table carrying case is designed with an adjustable strap, and some are also designed with wheels. When deciding the best method to transport a portable massage table, consider the terrain you’ll be navigating. Rolling a table down a dry and smooth surface is very convenient. However, stairs, wet and bumpy surfaces make a carrying strap the better option. Adjust the carrying strap so the weight of the table is evenly distributed across the shoulders, and grab the side handle for extra support. 

Portable massage table maintenance 

Resist the urge to store a portable massage table in an area that is not temperature-controlled. Extreme heat or cold can damage the upholstery of a massage table. One of the most common causes of massage table damage is leaving the table in a car, exposing it to extreme temperatures. It is also a good idea to store a massage table in a carrying case while transporting or whenever it is not in use. 

What to look for in a quality portable massage table 

Portable massage table weight 

Ideally, a portable massage table for a mobile therapist will weigh 15 pounds or less. A standard table weighing 22-46 pounds is easy enough to fold and move from room to room but is likely too heavy for the needs of a mobile therapist. 

Accessories for portable massage tables 

Some portable massage tables include accessories such as table and face cradle coverings, bolsters, a carrying case, arm and leg rests, pregnancy supports or even a table warmer. Consider if the included accessories are cost-effective or necessary to your individual massage practice. 

Portable massage table warranties 

Every massage table manufacturer and retailer offers their own unique warranty; a manufacturer’s warranty might even vary depending on which model of massage table you buy. Read the fine print closely, and save all purchase paperwork in case a warranty claim needs to be made. 

How much you can expect to spend on a portable massage table 

Expect to spend at least $150 all the way up to $550 for a lightweight, portable massage table. 

Portable massage table FAQ

Is aluminum a sturdy enough material for massage table legs? 

A. Aluminum frames are much lighter than wood frames, making them ideal for lightweight portable massage tables. However, some therapists worry that an aluminum frame is less sturdy than wood. But an aluminum frame is actually stronger than wood and is more durable. The upper limit for working weight is higher for aluminum frames, and there is a decreased risk of aluminum buckling under pressure. 

What is a good working weight for a portable massage table? 

A. When shopping for a portable massage table, manufacturer specs will list the table’s working weight as SWL (safe working load) or NWL (normal working load). A good working weight for a lightweight, portable massage table is anywhere between 250-350 pounds. Even better are tables with a working weight of 500 pounds or more. 

What’s the best portable massage table to buy?

Top portable massage table

Artechworks Portable Lightweight Massage Table

Artechworks Portable Lightweight Massage Table

What you need to know: A 27.6-pound table with sturdy aluminium legs and 2.5-inch, high-density padding. 

What you’ll love: Includes a carrying bag for easy transportation. 

What you should consider: As the table starts to wear out, creaking noises can be heard, which some clients find distracting. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top portable massage table for the money

Earthlite Portable Massage Table LUNA

Earthlite Portable Massage Table LUNA

What you need to know: This lightweight table is 29 pounds, with a working weight of 750 pounds. Its features include memory foam cushion, T6 quality aluminum legs and a carrying case. 

What you’ll love: This table comes with Earthlite’s three-year warranty on upholstery and construction materials. 

What you should consider: Slightly heavier and more difficult to carry than other lightweight tables. 

Where to buy: Amazon 

Worth checking out

Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Massage

Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Massage

What you need to know: The aluminum, alloy and plastic construction is lightweight, and the PVC leather is durable. 

What you’ll love: This low-priced table includes a pair of armrests and a hand pallet. 

What you should consider: A carrying bag is not included. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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