Which metal wind spinner is best? 

Adding  three-dimensional style to your garden is easy and affordable with a wind spinner. A metal wind spinner holds up in the elements better than most plastic ones and moves easily in the breeze. It can hang from a branch or coordinating hanger. They often come in neutral metal finishes, copper-coated finishes that develop a patina over time, or bright colors that stand out in your garden.

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What to look for in a metal wind spinner


Because they move, wind spinners often use a geometrical design that looks great from multiple angles. The spinners include multiple concentric circles, often between six and 12, that can either spin freely or be placed at a specific angle to spin in the wind. The edges are laser-cut for precision and to allow for intricate details. Some have spirals or other shapes.


Metal wind spinners can be hung or erected using an included stand.

  • Hanging spinners are often less expensive, although you will need a branch or hook to use them. Most come with hardware to hang them securely.
  • Freestanding spinners are ideal for placement in your garden or landscaping, but they cost more and require a larger space for installation.

Make sure that your soil is compact enough to support the weight of the spinner.


The vibrant colors of many metal wind spinners add visual interest to your outdoor space. Some are reflective and change color as they move. Neutral or metal tones are more modern. Look for coatings, such as epoxy or ultraviolet protection, that will keep the finish from fading.


Stainless steel is a popular, durable material for outdoor wind spinners. Copper, including copper plating, looks great and develops an interesting patina as it ages. Make sure the metal is rust-proof or has been treated with a finish that helps it stand up to moisture and sun.

Best hanging metal wind spinners

Top hanging metal wind spinner

Fonmy Mandala 12-Inch Wind Spinner

Fonmy Mandala 12-Inch Wind Spinner

What you need to know: The vibrant colors, including blue, green and red, are coated with an epoxy coating to last for years even through rain and sun.

What you’ll love: There are 10 colors and patterns,  which are painted by hand with multiple colors within each design. The swivel hook adds another aspect of movement to the patterns, laser-cut in stainless steel. Gilt powder in the finish creates extra visual interest that changes as it spins.

What you should consider: It does not come in any neutral tones.

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Worth checking out

best Wind and Weather Spiral Spinner

Wind and Weather Spiral Spinner

What you need to know: Two geometric copper spirals spin independently of each other in the wind. 

What you’ll love: The spinner’s neutral tones allow the beauty of your garden to shine through while still providing visual interest. There is more space between the spirals than with some other spinners, helping it blend into your outdoor decor.

What you should consider: The metal below the copper plating is thin and may not hold up well over time.

Sold by Wayfair

Best freestanding metal wind spinner

Top freestanding metal wind spinner

Steady Doggie Willow Leaves Solar Wind Spinner

Steady Doggie Willow Leaves Solar Wind Spinner

What you need to know: It features two steel spinner blades that turn in opposite directions and a 360-degree rotating stand.

What you’ll love: A solar-powered LED bulb changes color while the blades rotate around it. The blades are uniform and sleek, letting the focus be the movement rather than a colorful design. The adjustable-height stake is customizable.

What you should consider: You can’t turn off the LED light or set it to one color.

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Worth checking out

best Wind and Weather Bronze and Patina Spiral Metal Rotator

Wind and Weather Bronze and Patina Spiral Metal Rotator

What you need to know: It acts as a garden sculpture and wind spinner, with both an outer ring and spinning spirals inside.

What you’ll love: The outer ring has a blue patina-like finish, while the inner spirals and stake are copper-colored. The bulb on top makes it look like a piece of art as well as keeping the spinning elements in place. It also comes with two stakes for added stabilization, which you will need to install in a larger open space.

What you should consider: Some reviewers noted that it needed a heavy breeze to start spinning and sometimes only the interior spiral would spin.

Sold by Wayfair

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