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Which teacup set is best?

For centuries, tea drinkers have been using teacup sets. The earliest recording of tea sets go all the way back to the Han dynasty in China around 206-220 B.C. and were shaped similarly to small bowls. Today, teacup sets come in a wide variety of designs, colors and patterns as well as counts, though sets typically come with six teacups and saucers.

The Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teacup and Saucer Set makes for an excellent addition to any table. 

What to know before you buy a teacup set


How often do you drink tea? Do you plan on this set becoming a family heirloom for generations to come or will it just be everyday use? These considerations will help determine the level of quality, style and material you may want to look for.


There’s more involved in the shape of a teacup than most may think. In particular, the wider the top of the cup is, the faster the tea will cool down. Many tea connoisseurs believe that a wide-rimmed cup is better because it allows the steam and aroma to escape, which gives a smoother taste and experience.

Kinds of tea

Different types of teas often taste better in certain types of cups. For instance, green tea is typically best in large stoneware, glass or porcelain that don’t have handles. However, English breakfast tea or other black teas are best in smaller, more delicate porcelain cups because it helps the strong teas taste smoother. 

What to look for in a quality teacup set

Protection against heat

Although teacups should generally be thinner in order to quickly cool the tea down, you want to make sure it has enough protection against heat. You’ll want your teacup to be comfortable to hold by the handle without having to worry about burns or discomfort.

Details and design

Often the tiniest details on a teacup speak volumes regarding the quality. Many valuable teacups have intricate designs in how the handle is made as well as the shape and pattern of the cup.

Non-porous material

Porcelain and bone china are known to be the best teacup materials because they are non-porous. Therefore, they do not absorb the flavor and aroma of the tea, which allows you to get the full taste. Porcelain is also the smoothest, which guides you to savor the tea with slow, delicate sips. 

How much you can expect to spend on a teacup set

Depending on what material and brand of teacups you purchase, they usually are priced around $40 and up for a single teacup and saucer set.

Teacup set FAQ

Can I use a tea set for coffee, too?

A. In contrast to tea, coffee usually is not made with boiling water. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be cooled down the way tea does. Instead, coffee should be able to retain its heat for a while to enjoy, which is why a coffee mug is best for coffee.

Why are teacups small?

A. Tradition has been that if you have more leaves and less water, you will have a stronger infused tea, which is tastier and more refined. It also cools down quickly, so it is best to have a smaller cup that you can simply refill often.

Is there a vegan alternative to bone china?

A. Traditional bone china contains animal-based bone ash, which can be problematic for many people. If you want the same look and feel of bone china in a vegan form, there are some teacup sets available now in New Bone China.

What’s the best teacup set to buy?

Top teacup set

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teacup and Saucer Set

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teacup and Saucer Set

What you need to know: This is a traditional teacup in which the pattern is claimed to be the best in the world.

What you’ll love: Made of fine bone china and accented with gold banding, this is a classic from 1962. The high flared sides create a pleasing sipping experience. The arched handle with flourishes provide a royal feel, while the fine detail and finish make each sip memorable.

What you should consider: It is best to wash these by hand. The floral pattern may not be for everyone.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top teacup set for the money

Brew To A Tea Royal Tea Set

Brew To A Tea Royal Tea Set

What you need to know: This is a clean, stylish and minimalist tea set for those looking for something fresh, pure and simple.

What you’ll love: It includes four teacups with saucers, tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer. It is made of quality, lead-free porcelain. The cups hold up to eight ounces, and the teapot holds up to 32 ounces. A steel filter for loose leaf brewing is included, and the set is dishwasher safe.

What you should consider: It does not include a storage rack, and the style could be too simple for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Teabloom Classica Tea Set

Teabloom Classica Tea Set

What you need to know: This is the perfect set for anyone looking for a modern, contemporary and unique tea set.

What you’ll love: This contemporary, double-walled glass tea set has extra-thick glass insulation made of borosilicate for safe handling. It includes an infuser teapot, four teacups that hold 5 ounces, as well as a stainless steel infuser.

What you should consider: Some claim the teapot lid leaks while pouring.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


Dansk Kobenstyle II Teacup & Saucer Set

Dansk Kobenstyle II Teacup & Saucer Set

What you need to know: This mid-century modern set is of a sleek, Scandinavian design.

What you’ll love: A fine porcelain set with a flared handle and cups that are slightly larger, similar to coffee cups. Edges feature a strong, dark trim.

What you should consider: It could be too modern for some people.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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