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French bulldogs are officially the nation’s top dog

For 31 years, Labrador retrievers have been the United States’ top dog breed. However, the latest American Kennel Club statistics show French bulldogs have knocked them off their podium.

French bulldogs have been gaining in prevalence for years, but now they’re officially America’s most popular dog breed. But, what makes these pint-sized pups so in-demand and are there any reasons why they’re not the best dog for everyone?

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Why are French bulldogs so popular?

What is it about French bulldogs that have captured the nation’s hearts and skyrocketed their popularity? It’s impossible to say for sure, but their appearance, while divisive, is seen as adorable by many. Their big heads and upright bat ears are striking and considered by some as the epitome of cute.

They’re also small dogs and don’t need too much space or exercise to thrive. This makes them more practical for many people to own than bigger dogs, such as the recently usurped Labrador. City-dwellers and people who live in apartments can fulfill their dreams of dog parenthood without moving to a bigger place with a yard.

What’s more, Frenchies are known for their affectionate, loving natures, making them great companions. They are sweet and playful with big personalities and are relatively easy to train, which is good news for novice dog owners.

How are the top dog breeds recorded?

Every year, the AKC releases a list of the top dog breeds. This is based on how many puppies have been registered with it in a given year. While most reputable breeders of purebred dogs register their litters with the AKC, registration isn’t mandatory, so the rankings aren’t definitive. However, it gives people a solid idea of the most popular dogs.

In 2022, Frenchies were the most-registered breed with the AKC, up from the number 2 spot in 2021. The breed has gained a huge amount of popularity in the past decade. Back in 2012, it was only at number 14 on the most popular breeds list, with registrations increasing by over 1,000% since then.

French bulldog controversies

The French bulldog is a brachycephalic breed, meaning it has a short skull, giving it the appearance of having a flattened face. This restricts breathing to the point where the British Veterinary Association has recommended against people buying flat-faced breeds and The Netherlands has totally banned breeding them.

While Frenchies can be fit and healthy, breathing difficulties are a real problem in the breed. Any potential buyers should carefully research breeders and make sure they engage in proper health testing. Or, better yet, adopt a dog instead of buying one.

On top of this, their recent surge in popularity and demand for rare colors encourages unscrupulous breeders who just want to make money fast. This type of breeding rarely leads to anything other than unhealthy, unhappy dogs.

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Best products for dogs of every size

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