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Which indestructible dog ball is best?

If you have a dog that’s an enthusiastic chewer with a strong jaw, then you know just how hard it can be to find a dog toy that isn’t torn to smithereens within minutes of its first introduction. To make sure you’re still enjoying playtime with your pup but also not throwing money away every time you play fetch, you have to invest in the right toy. 

Even if your dog has bone-crushing jaws, there are toys out there that are up to the task. For a tried-and-true ball that’s up to the task for even the most fervent chewers, check out the KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy.

What to know before you buy an indestructible dog ball


Size does matter. A ball that’s either too small or too large for your pup cannot only be awkward and easily destroyed, it can also be dangerous. A ball that’s too small might be easy to swallow and poses a choking hazard or intestinal blockage. A ball that’s too big might be ignored altogether if your pup can’t get their jaw around it. Most dog toys come with a size or weight rating that should help you determine what size toy is appropriate and safe for your dog.


You want a dog ball that’s durable enough to stand up to your canine without hurting their teeth. For this reason, most durable dog balls are made of either a strong rubber or plastic. Anything softer, like a tennis ball, is easy to rip apart and even ingest, which can cause health problems. Any ball that isn’t specifically made for a strong chewer you should avoid, especially human sports balls made with materials that are harmful for your dog to be chewing on even if they aren’t ingesting them.


It’s very possible that there’s no dog ball that is truly “indestructible.” If it is, then it’s probably too hard for your dog to play with. Just imagine your pup chasing around a ball of concrete or metal, losing teeth along the way. If your dog really wants to destroy a toy, they probably will, but if you can keep your active pup occupied for a few months or weeks, that’s a win in the dog ownership world. Focus less on what ball may last your dog forever and more on what lasts the longest.

What to look for in a quality indestructible dog ball

Outside of just being up to the task, there are other features that toy dog balls can include to make them more than just something to play fetch with. Consider what features may be best for how your dog likes to play before making a purchase.

Treat dispensing

Some dog balls can also be treat or food dispensers. This is a great way to add enrichment activities to your pup’s life. There are tons of online resources on ways to turn food dispensing balls into a fun mealtime puzzle or even a way to keep your pup busy during stressful situations, such as traveling. 

Tug elements

If you also love to play tug of war with your pup or if you have two dogs that like to wrestle each other for a toy, then a tug element might be the perfect choice for you. Usually tug elements come in the form of a rope attached to the ball, but they can also be rubber or plastic handles that are molded directly onto the ball.


If your dog loves to chase a ball into your local lake, pond or pool, you need a ball that can float on the surface for easy retrieval. A ball that floats has to be hollow and have trapped air inside. Usually a product’s description states whether it’s appropriate for water play. Although it may be tempting, avoid toys made from materials like foam or wood, as they aren’t recommended for strong chewers.

How much you can expect to spend on an indestructible dog ball

Depending on a dog ball’s size and materials, you can easily get a durable, quality dog ball for $7-$20.

Indestructible dog ball FAQ

How do you know what size ball is right for your dog?

A. Most dog toy balls are available in a few sizes and provide a size chart, which is usually based on the weight of your dog. When in doubt, always size up to avoid choking hazards.

What should you do if your dog’s ball starts to fall apart?

A. If you notice any damage to the integrity of your dog’s ball, immediately remove it from the situation. Once the ball loses its integrity, small bits and pieces can be a risk to your furry friend’s health.

What’s the best indestructible dog ball to buy?

Top indestructible dog ball

KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

What you need to know: Made from ultra-durable rubber, this ball claims to be puncture proof.

What you’ll love: The KONG Extreme line is known as a great option for tough chewers. This ball even bounces, which is a feature many other durable dog toys miss out on.

What you should consider: Some users reported this ball initially having a strong smell that fades away over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Top indestructible dog ball for the money

KONG Core Strength Ball Dog Toy

KONG Core Strength Ball Dog Toy

What you need to know: This is a hard dog ball with raised ridges along the surface, which promotes dental hygiene.

What you’ll love: The multilayer core gives this ball an extra coat of toughness when standing up to a power chewer. Since this ball is meant for extended periods of chewing, it helps clean the teeth, which is exactly what you want.

What you should consider: This ball doesn’t bounce or float.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope and Ball Dog Toy

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope and Ball Dog Toy

What you need to know: This ball is made from the patented JollyFlex material, which holds its integrity even if punctured.

What you’ll love: It’s tough enough to withstand chewers without being too tough on teeth. The JollyFlex material allows dogs to really sink their teeth in without chipping or cracking them. Even if punctured, this ball is still able to float in water, making this item great for all-terrain play.

What you should consider: The rope isn’t as tough as the rest of the toy and may not last as long.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy


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