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Which Disney Doorables toys are best?

A Disney Doorables toy is ideal for Disney fanatics who enjoy collectibles. Disney Doorables fans love the excitement of opening the door-themed packaging and discovering the characters included in each Doorables blind box. Known for their small 1.5-inch size and distinctive glitter eyes, Disney Doorables are fun to collect and display. The top choice for a new collector is the Just Play Disney Doorables Mega Peek pack. However, there are a wide variety of Doorables characters to find that span six series, and there are several special collections as well. 

What to know before you buy a Disney Doorables toy

Blind bag collectibles

Keep in mind, Disney Doorables come in blind-bag packaging, so it is impossible to know which figurine is in each package. This style of packaging makes the anticipation and excitement even more thrilling. Collectors will enjoy unboxing as they discover which new characters they can add to their collection. If you get a duplicate character, you can trade these amongst friends. Each character comes in limited quantities and availability. Another popular blind bag collectible that many may be familiar with is the Shopkins toy series.

Disney Doorables toy door theme

Disney Doorables make clever use of their door theme by using packaging that doubles for play. The doors of a Disney Doorables toy package can be carefully popped open to reveal a surprising number of hidden figures. Depending upon the style of the pack, you’ll receive anywhere between two to seven figures per package. Even after you’ve discovered all the Disney Doorables characters inside, you can continue to use the packaging as a playhouse or a display case. 

Knockoff Disney Doorables toys 

Moose Toys is the only company currently licensed to manufacture Disney Doorables toys. Beware of the knockoffs Doorables-style toys sold by unlicensed manufactures. Knockoff figures are less valuable than licensed toys, are often poor quality and potentially produced with toxic materials. 

How to avoid Disney Doorables knockoffs 

Always purchase from a verified and trusted retailer. Beware of unusually low pricing, as this is a sign of a knockoff. If the sale price is too good to be true, don’t take the chance.

Beware of resellers and opened packages. These may contain knockoffs or may have damaged items. It’s always best to purchase first hand.

What to look for in a quality Disney Doorables toy

Mega Peek packs 

The Disney Doorables Mega Peek package size comes with 24 figures from specific series, including 10 mystery characters which can be potentially rare, special edition or limited edition characters. The Mega Peek pack is the easiest way to get these hard-to-find Disney Doorables characters. 

Multi Peek packs 

The Disney Doorables toy Multi Peek pack contains either five, six or seven figures. The actual number of figures in the package is part of the surprise. The Multi Peek pack is an economical way to acquire rare or ultra-rare Disney Doorables characters than the more expensive Mega Peek pack. 

Mini Peek packs 

The Disney Doorables toy Mini Peek pack is the smallest option and contains two or three figures. This pack size is ideal for anyone who only needs a few more figures to complete their collection series. 

Disney Doorables toy series 

Toy collectors can acquire figures across six different Doorables series. Availability varies especially when it comes to the most sought-after Disney Doorables toy series. For instance, Disney Doorables Series Four features beloved characters from Frozen, which made it incredibly popular over the last couple of years. Disney Doorables Series One is the most difficult to acquire in the original packaging, making it valuable to collectors.  

How much you can expect to spend on Disney Doorables toys

A Disney Doorables toy pack will cost between $4-$40 depending on the peek pack size and the series number. 

Disney Doorables toy FAQ

How should I organize and store my Disney Doorables toys? 

A. Plenty of retailers offer storage cases that fit Disney Doorables toys. Storage cases have large plastic containers with several compatible compartments for each individual Disney Doorables character.  

What are Disney Doorables stackable theme playsets? 

A. They are an extension of the Disney Doorable collectibles series. These stackable themed playsets are sold separately. Each stackable playsets feature glitter doors and other interactive themed accessories.  

What’s the best Disney Doorables toy to buy?

Top Disney Doorables toy

Just Play Disney Doorables Village Peek Pack

Just Play Disney Doorables Village Peek Pack

What you need to know: The largest of the peek packs, the Disney Doorables Village offers 24 figures from series four, five or six. The packaging also unfolds into a tiny playhouse to display the figures.  

What you’ll love: This is a fun way to get a bunch of Disney Doorables all at once, especially for new collectors. 

What you should consider: There is a greater chance of getting duplicates of figurines.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top Disney Doorables toy for the money

Disney Doorables Multi Peek

Disney Doorables Multi Peek

What you need to know: This mid-size peek pack has either five, six, or seven figures from Series Two. It also includes a figure stand and collector’s guide. 

What you’ll love: Series two includes a coveted fuzzy figure and possibly a limited edition metallic figure. 

What you should consider: Buyers might be disappointed if they buy multiple packages that contain the exact same figures. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Disney Doorables Mickey Mouse Years of Ears Collection Peek

Disney Doorables Mickey Mouse Years of Ears Collection Peek

What you need to know: A specialty peek pack that features eight unique Mickey Mouse figures from the exclusive Mickey Mouse Years of Ears collection. 

What you’ll love: Some packages contain an additional ninth mystery figure. 

What you should consider: Some buyers dislike the packaging since it strays from the original door theme. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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