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Which tie travel case is best?

It can be difficult to keep your ties neatly pressed while traveling for business. That’s where a quality tie travel case comes into play. Tie travel cases can help protect your ties from wear and tear, making sure they arrive at your destination without getting wrinkled. 

The Bey-Berk Men’s Blue Ballistic Nylon Travel Necktie Case is an excellent option if you are looking for the top tie travel case.

What to know before you buy a tie travel case


There are a couple of styles of tie travel cases: cylinder cases and portfolio cases. Cylinder tie travel cases are compact cylindrical cases that can fit one standard-sized tie or a couple of skinny ties. Portfolio tie travel cases work for business trips where you need a different tie every day.


Your tie travel case should be just big enough to hold all of the ties and tie accessories you need for your business trip, but not so large that it takes up all of the space in your suitcase.


Most people use their tie travel cases on business trips, so you probably want to choose a neutral and conservative color such as gray, navy blue, brown or black. You will probably need to look harder if you want something with a bolder color. Basic, plain colors are much more common.

What to look for in a quality tie travel case


The capacity of your tie travel case is the number of ties you can safely and realistically fit inside. While cylinder cases can only hold a couple of ties at the most, most portfolio cases can hold four to eight.


The most common materials for tie travel cases are nylon, leather and faux leather, also known as vegan leather.

Closure type

Cylinder cases usually come with a magnetic or snap closure, while portfolio cases typically close with a zipper around the three sides.

How much you can expect to spend on a tie travel case

Cylinder tie travel cases and the most basic and budget-friendly faux leather and nylon portfolio cases typically cost about $10-$15. Midrange nylon and faux leather tie travel cases go for $20-$30. The most high-end real leather and faux leather tie travel cases range from $30-$60.

Tie travel case FAQ

Can you find waterproof tie travel cases?

A. There aren’t any entirely waterproof tie travel cases on the market that can stand up to being fully submerged in water. That said, there are plenty of water-resistant tie travel cases that will keep your ties dry and safe from light rain or a minor spill.

Can you use your tie travel case to hold anything else?

A. You might want to get more bang for your buck by carrying or storing other kinds of items in your tie travel case, especially if you only travel for work from time to time. Cylinder tie travel cases are fairly limited to storing only ties, but portfolio-style tie travel cases can be used to store and carry other items, including toiletries, hair straighteners and clippers.

Can you purchase a tie travel case with a custom monogram?

A. Some retailers are able to custom-monogram tie travel cases, but this service is not very common. However, it’s certainly possible to have your tie travel case monogrammed after you buy it.

What’s the best tie travel case to buy?

Top tie travel case

Bey-Berk Men’s Blue Ballistic Nylon Travel Necktie Case

Bey-Berk Men’s Blue Ballistic Nylon Travel Necktie Case

What you need to know: This attractive tie travel case is a great option if you are searching for something versatile.

What you’ll love: This charming and sturdy blue nylon case with brown trim will make a fantastic gift for a loved one, with slots for two pairs of cufflinks and four collar stays. The case is slim when it’s folded.

What you should consider: This travel tie case is fairly expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top tie travel case for the money

Iristide Cylinder Necktie Travel Storage Case

Iristide Cylinder Necktie Travel Storage Case

What you need to know: This cylinder tie travel case is perfect for trips where you only need to pack one tie.

What you’ll love: This budget-friendly tie travel case is simple to use and helps prevent any wrinkles and creases. Its small size fits well in bigger bags.

What you should consider: This tie travel case doesn’t easily fit more than one tie.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LeanTravel Tie Case Organizer for Travel

LeanTravel Tie Case Organizer for Travel

What you need to know: This polyester grey tie travel case will keep you well organized.

What you’ll love: This zippered case fits up to six ties fairly easily. It features sturdy construction and an interior storage mesh bag where you can safely store your collar stays, tie bars, bow ties and cufflinks.

What you should consider: A few customers say that this case has an unpleasant musty smell.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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