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Which utensil for travel is best?

When you are enjoying the great outdoors, a good meal is often a highlight of your day and with good reason. It is essential to keep your energy reserves topped up when engaged in active pursuits, and a decent set of travel utensils facilitates a hearty feed, whether you are safely back at camp or still on the open trail. If you are planning on spending a night under the stars, the finessCity Titanium Utility Cutlery Set is a well-designed, lightweight example that covers all your outbound utensil needs.

What to know before you buy utensils for travel


Weight should be a prime consideration whenever you travel with a backpack. As compact as they may be, the lighter your utensils are, the better. Some models have perforated handles to cut down on mass, while others use lightweight materials to further reduce their weight. This is an even more important consideration in strenuous pursuits such as climbing and orienteering.


A good set of utensils for travel should be lightweight and sturdy. The choice of materials is a fundamental factor, and many sets are made of aluminum for this reason. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive and is usually used for cheaper sets. High-end utensils for travel often feature a titanium construction, as it is even lighter than its aluminum counterpart and is particularly strong in comparison to its weight. Plastic is far less durable than metal, but these utensils are highly affordable and easy to keep clean.


The design of your utensil set should reflect your requirements. If you are engaging in endurance activities, a portable, integrated spork or a fork with a serrated edge may be best suited to your needs. Hikers and campers may prefer a more comprehensive set. These sets often feature textured handles for an improved grip without adding to their bulk. Once you have chosen your ideal utensils for travel, additional items may be needed, such as a set of travel mugs.

What to look for in quality utensils for travel


A good set of utensils for travel should cover the basics, but many sets offer a few variations on the standard knife, fork and spoon. These might include chopsticks and reusable straws or incorporate additional tools, such as a bottle or can opener into their design.

Build quality

This is what makes the difference between a good and bad set of travel utensils. How a set is constructed greatly affects your outdoor dining experience, and the best sets have a positive grip with good ergonomic properties. Build quality is determined by a combination of design and materials working in harmony, and the best utensil sets are made of pressed metal that is designed to resist damage from crushing and bending.


Travel utensil sets often come with a carry case and a carabiner or clip or with holes in their handles for attaching them to backpacks and other outbound gear. Whichever set you choose, it should ideally be compact, easy to carry and relatively flat, so it can easily slip inside a backpack or suitcase.

How much you can expect to spend on utensils for travel

An entry-level set of three utensils for travel or a single high-quality titanium utensil such as a spoon or spork can cost less than $10. Titanium alloy sets cost between $16-$30, and with good care, these should last a lifetime.

Utensils for travel FAQ

What is the best size of utensils for travel?

A. The best utensils for travel are slightly smaller than the cutlery you use at home. They should be large enough to be used comfortably and offer a firm grip.

Are folding sets worth considering?

A. While folding sets are undoubtedly popular, they are difficult to clean due to their small moving parts and cannot be used simultaneously. An all-in-one solution, such as a travel spork is, therefore, a better compact solution. Lightweight sets can offer more versatility if space isn’t such an issue.

What are the best utensils for travel to buy?

Top utensils for travel

finessCity Titanium Utility Cutlery Set

finessCity Titanium Utility Cutlery Set

What you need to know: This well-designed set is versatile, highly portable and has excellent ergonomic properties.

What you’ll love: Weighing just 55 grams, this titanium utensil set comes with a washable carry case and carabiner. It also includes a screw to connect the knife, fork and spoon so they don’t rattle around as you travel.

What you should consider: The handles are not textured, so they don’t feel as good as some models, although their perforations assist with gripping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top utensils for travel for the money

Light My Fire Camping Spork

Light My Fire Camping Spork

What you need to know: This set of two combination utensils is equally at home in your office lunchbox as it is on the open trail.

What you’ll love: The Light My Fire spork comprises a fork, spoon and serrated edge, making it easy to hold a plate or bowl with one hand and eat at the same time. They are made in Sweden from plant-based BPA-free plastic that is heat resistant and easy to clean.

What you should consider: These are not as strong as their metal counterparts and will not last nearly as long.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sea to Summit Alpha Set

Sea to Summit Alpha Set

What you need to know: The Alpha Set feels good in the hand and comes with a handy carabiner to keep things organized.

What you’ll love: This rugged set is made from anodized aluminum and has a nice matte finish. They incorporate a handy hex wrench in the handle for stove repair and, with proper care, will last a lifetime.

What you should consider: This set is not dishwasher-safe, as this will spoil the anodization.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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