CLEMSON, S.C. – In an effort to further explore conference alignment options, Clemson has hired noted sports media consultant Chris Bevilacqua, according CBS Sports.

It is noted that while the move doesn’t mean a move out of the ACC is coming, the hiring is still seen as a significant development.

CBS Sports reports that Bevilacqua “has been at the cutting edge of valuing conferences and schools both with networks for media rights conversations and within leagues during ongoing realignment proceedings.”

Seen as the leading expert in assisting schools and conferences in the realignment, Bevilacqua was brought on by the school around six months ago. In that time, Florida State made public complaints about the ACC and league revenue distribution; concerns later echoed by Clemson, Miami and North Carolina, though none have been as outspoken.

The conference agreed to expand earlier this fall, agreeing to add California, Stanford and SMU beginning in 2024.