Deion Sanders and Colorado football are one of the hottest commodities in sports, and the head coach seems to think the spotlight will remain on the Buffaloes for a long time. 

During an interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, Sanders was asked about those who doubted Colorado’s ability to stay relevant. When asked why “this is more than a moment,” the 56-year-old gave an answer so good, he had to take a second to appreciate it.

“Because moments, that has consistency, translates into monuments,” said Sanders. “That’s another one. That was so good. I just had to think about that one. When I said it, I saw it. Let me see if I can say that again.”

“Moments that are consistent, translates into monuments. And I’m a monument, not a moment,” repeated Sanders.

Sanders is in his first season as head coach of the Colorado football program, but he’s gotten off to a roaring start, winning each of his first three games.

With an overhauled roster and two of his sons playing on the team, the Buffaloes have been the biggest storyline thus far in the 2023 college football season. Sanders indicated that he’s trying to build something in Boulder that lasts, not just a one-season wonder.

Colorado has its toughest test of the season slated for Saturday, when they travel to Eugene, Ore. for a matchup against the Ducks.