PROVO, Utah (AP) – An investigation by Brigham Young University into allegations that fans engaged in racial heckling and uttered racial slurs at a Duke volleyball player last month found no evidence to support the claim.

BYU issued the results of its investigation into the Aug. 26 match, reiterating it will not tolerate conduct threatening any student-athlete.

As a result of the investigation, the university says it has lifted a ban on a fan who was identified as directing racial slurs toward Duke sophomore Rachel Richardson during the match.

It also apologized to the fan for any hardship the ban caused.

Duke athletic director Nina King says she stands by the school’s volleyball team.

University of South Carolina women’s basketball head coach Dawn Staley, who canceled a scheduled series with BYU following the allegations, released the following statement Friday afternoon:

“I continue to stand by my position. After my personal research, I made a decision for the well-being of my team. I regret that my university, my athletics director Ray Tanner and others got drawn into the criticism of a choice that I made.”

Some South Carolina political have requested a further explanation about the decision from USC Athletics.

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