Every year we pick the same flowers, chocolates, and fancy dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day. This year Taryn Scher is here to help us mix it up and stay with the traditional gift ideas, but with a little twist.

Magnificent Roses from 1800 Flowers: www.1800flowers.com/magnificent-roses-preserved-red-roses-156623

Hello Fresh: www.hellofresh.com/

Bundle Game:www.thebundlegame.com/ 

Truffle Dinner in a Box: italiansensoryexperience.com/eshop/ 

24K Eternity Rose: www.eternityrose.com/gifts-for-her/eternity-roses/24-karat-gold-dipped-natural-rose 

Creative Kids Toys/Accessories: www.ooly.com

Secret Message Candles:us.54celsius.com/collections/message-candles 

Familius Book: www.familius.com